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Start daring Workouts with DareBear

DareBear is an online platform which connects you with local personal trainers. You can now search and book training classes online in a few quick steps

How It Works?

Our Platform works only in 3 simple steps.

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DareBear lets you find the workout of your choice based on your location, training category, preferred date/time and class type i.e., offline or online.

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Once you have found the suitable training class, you can instantly Book and Pay online in under a few clicks.

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Managing your scheduled training is easy. Use our user-friendly dashboard on the web or mobile app to view, cancel and reschedule the training class without any fuss.


Anytime, Any Device, Anywhere Fitness Planning

Plan Your Fitness Future at any time, from any device and from anywhere. You can start planning your fitness goals as and when you like from your phone, tablet or computer.

Pay as You Train

Commit only to your training goals not monthly payments. DareBear is a 100% commitment free platform with no fixed fee. You only pay for each training class booked.

Personalised Training

Personal training is personal. Right? DareBear offers the best trainers and flexible workout plans to meet your individual training needs.

Real-time Online Booking

Only available classes are displayed, and you receive an instant confirmation of your booking via email. Our real-time bookings management system means No Overbooking and No Mix-Ups.

Safe and Secure Payment Guarantee

DareBear uses the industry leading payments processing platform ‘Stripe’ for all online payments. With Battle-tested reliability of Stripe, your payments are always safe.

Dedicated Customer Support

DareBear is built for wellness. Our ‘Customer Happiness Team’ is always on the move to keep track of customer satisfaction. Customer support team is just a click away.

Safey First

Safety First Training Plan

During COVID-19, your safety is of paramount importance to us. Our fitness trainers are proactively ensuring the compliance with the government health and safety guidelines to offer a safe and clean training environment. With DareBear, your safety always comes First.

No Commitment Fitness

You only pay for the training session booked via DareBear. There is no monthly fee or annual contract commitment. Simply Sign Up for Free on our app and achieve your fitness goals with on-demand training sessions.

No hidden fee
How do I book a training session on DareBear?

Booking a training session on DareBear is easy. Simply search for a training session based on a range of criteria i.e., location, training category and preferred time to start your dream fitness training.

What kind of training is available on DareBear?

DareBear offers a wide variety of training categories. Whether you are looking to tone up muscles or aiming to shape up before next Christmas, we have something for everyone.

How do I pay for my booking?

You will pay for your booking online using our safe and secure payment system. We use the industry-leading payment processing platform ‘Stripe’ for all online payments so you can be sure that your personal and payment details are always safe.

Can I book the training with more than one trainer?

Absolutely! We offer the ultimate booking flexibility. Whether you are just starting out or an experienced fitness enthusiast, you always have the option to book training sessions with the trainer of your choice. Book a Yoga Morning with Emma and Muscle Mondays with Alan, DareBear brings it all in one place.

Still have questions? Email for answers

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Start shaping the new you.