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Get Rewarded for Every Drop of Sweat

Become healthier and happier with DareBear. Find a personal trainer online or nearby, and invite your friends to workout. Keep up with your training using our training log, and get real-life rewards from us.

What is DareBear?

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Workout with a Personal Trainer

Find a local or online personal trainer, request workouts individually or ask friends to join you, and engage with our lively fitness community through group training. All at a time and place to suit you!

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Track Your Progress

Our free training log allows you to record the exercises completed during your workout, sync your calories to a smart device, and view past workouts to instantly see your progress.

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Get Rewards

The more you exercise, the more points you'll receive from DareBear to spend on workouts or treats like healthy foods, cinema tickets, shopping deals, workout gear, and more.


Convenient Personal Training Online or Nearby

With DareBear you can find personal trainers nearby and online. Workout and track your fitness goals any time, anywhere from any device.

Pay as You Train

Commit to your training goals, not monthly payments. DareBear is a 100% commitment-free platform with no hidden fees. Use all the features for free and only pay for each session you book.

Personal Training Anytime, Anywhere

Personal training is personal, right? DareBear offers the best trainers and flexible workout plans to meet your individual training needs. Find your ideal PT or request your own sessions and invite your friends to join you.

Free Smart Fitness Training Log

Use our training log and for each workout completed you'll receive related programmes to bring you closer to your fitness goals and earn points. Your PT can view your records, check your progress, and create or edit your workouts. The training log is free for all DareBear users: smart, convenient, and time-saving.

Earn DAREBEAR Points

Whenever you book classes with DareBear, or simply record the calories you burn in your DareBear Training Log, you earn points and we reward you for getting fit! DareBear Rewards consist of C-Points and D-Points. These points can be used for workout sessions or great treats like coffees, cinema tickets, shopping discounts, workout gear, grocery and Amazon vouchers and more.

Safe and Secure Payment Guarantee

Dare Bear uses the industry leading payments processing platform Stripe for all online payments. With the battle-tested reliability of Stripe, your payments are always safe.

Safey First

Safety First Training Plan

During COVID-19, your safety is of paramount importance to us. Our fitness trainers proactively ensure compliance with the government health and safety guidelines to offer a safe and clean training environment. With DareBear, your safety always comes first.

No Commitment Fitness

You only pay for the training sessions you book via DareBear. There is no monthly fee or annual contract commitment. Simply sign up for free on our app and achieve your fitness goals with on-demand training sessions.

No hidden fee
How do I book a training session on DareBear?

Booking a training session on DareBear is easy. Simply search for a training session based on a range of criteria i.e., location, time, and training category to kickstart your fitness journey.

What kind of training is available on DareBear?

DareBear offers a wide variety of training categories. Whether you are looking to build your muscles or aiming to shape up before next Christmas, we have something for everyone.

How do I pay for my booking?

Pay for your booking online using our safe and secure payment system. We use the industry-leading payment processing platform Stripe for all online payments so you can be sure that your personal and payment details are always safe.

Can I book the training with more than one trainer?

Absolutely! We offer the ultimate booking flexibility. Whether you are just starting out or an experienced fitness enthusiast, you always have the option to book sessions with the trainer of your choice. Book a Yoga Morning with Emma and Muscle Mondays with Alan: DareBear has it all in one place.

Have any questions? Check out our Help Center

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Start shaping the new you.