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All in One Personal Training Software.

DareBear helps your Business and Trainees Perform at the same time!

What is DareBear?

DareBear is a cloud-based software and mobile app for personal trainers and gym coaches to create and manage training classes. With DareBear, you can manage offline or online training classes on the go.

Some of the key features of our App are:

  • Offer Customised Training Classes
  • Online Class Bookings
  • Automated Payment Processing via Stripe
  • Manage Clients, Bookings and Payments All in One Place


How It Works?

DareBear helps your Business and Trainees Perform at the same time!

Post a Class

Create and list individual or group training classes.

Receive Online Bookings

Clients find and book the class online and you receive instant booking notification.

Instant Payment Processing

Clients pay for their booking using our online payment system

Automated Client Communication

Client automatically receives an email confirmation of their booking.

Real-time Bookings Management

You can change/cancel existing bookings in real-time.

Why use DareBear?

Build a Community of Health and Fitness Enthusiasts

DareBear is built on the philosophy of brining the trainee wellness and trainer productivity on one platform. Trainees find the most suitable fitness class and connect with trainers on our platform and trainers expand their reach to potential clients by

Promote Fitness Busines, Grow Your Clientele

Our aim is to help you focus more on your fitness services delivery. With our online platform, you can acquire more clients through prominent presence in the digital marketplace of DareBear. From appearing in Google search results to social media marketing, our platform maximises your reach to target clients

Automated Business Management

Converting leads into clients, easy to use online booking system, instant payment processing and customised booking emails, DareBear will automate the whole business management cycle for fitness instructors.

Safe and Secure Payment Guarantee

DareBear uses the industry leading payments processing platform ‘Stripe’ for all online payments. With Battle-tested reliability of Stripe, your client payments are always safe.

Minimum Commission, Maximum Profit

You only pay 12.5% + VAT plus 20p transaction charge per class booking. There are no other charges or hidden fee.

Reviews and Rewards

Get your existing clients to leave services review on our platform and engage new clients at no extra cost. Our in-built review system can help boost your profile and bring in more financial rewards for your business.

Business Reports

DareBear is committed to the Growth of your ‘Personal Training Business’. Reports provide an insightful summary of ‘Earnings’ and ‘Bookings’ by class type in order for you to view your popular offerings and fill in any gaps for ultimate business growth. You can also generate, view and download the detailed earnings report for any period and class type. Earnings report are useful for speedy bookkeeping and keeping track of financial health of your business.

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